The magic lies in the blend of the various samples and synthesizers with acoustic and electric instruments. The combination can be rich.

I love surf music, pop music, classical music and jazz. The following pieces reflect this (except there ain’t much jazz, honestly — its interactive, improvisatory nature doesn’t, to my mind, lend itself to the digital studio).

Two pieces include my vocals, a couple are surf tunes — my arrangement of the Theme from Lawrence of Arabia (an amazing film, and a lovely soundtrack), an original composition I wrote for Dan Forte, aka Teisco Del Rey, for his CD “The Many Moods of Teisco Del Rey” (he called it “Los Surf”; I call it “Teisco Del Rey”), and a few others.


Theme from Lawrence of Arabia
Maurice Jarre, Composer; Tim Ware, arrangement, all instruments digital and electric

She Hangs on the Western Wall
Tim Ware, all instruments except…; Julian Smedley, violin

At the Edge of the Wave-Green World:
Tim Ware: varied percussion, electric guitars. The title derives from the Thomas Pynchon novel Gravity’s Rainbow (1973), one of the greatest novel of our time.

Café Apocalypso
Tim Ware, vocals, all instruments, except…; Erik Charp, keyboard solo

(Lost in) Sand
Tim Ware, vocals, all instruments, except…; David Balakrishnan, violin

Teisco Del Rey
Tim Ware, all instruments

The Lonely Bull
Sol Lake, composer; Tim Ware, arrangement and all instruments

A Timely Existence 1
Tim Ware, electric guitar, percussion, programming; David Balakrishnan, violin; Mark Summer, ‘cello
New York dancer Carol Clements commissioned this piece as part of her dance “A Timely Existence” commissioned by Dance Theater Workshop (now called Live Arts) in 1991 as part of their spring production series. My piece was the first section of the 5-part concert and so was called “Section I.” There were 5 composers — one for each section. The funding partially came from a “Meet the Composer” award.