When Dave Balakrisnan eventually left the TWG to concentrate on the Turtle Island String Quartet, he was replaced by English violinist/guitarist Julian Smedley, who had played with The Clubfoot Orchestra and the Hot Club of San Francisco. In 1989, Joy Julks left the band and was replaced by Paul van Wageningen’s brother, Mark, who had played with many of the Bay Area’s best Latin, Salsa and Funk bands.

On October 19, 1989, the band convened at Tim’s house on Grant Street in Berkeley and recorded six of Tim’s newer compositions (on a Fostex 8-track reel-to-reel), with Brian Walker engineering. However, Tim had decided to go back to college to get a degree in music composition and, swamped by school, a day job and being recently married, he forgot about these recordings until discovering a rough mix of one of the tunes in 2013. The insane amount of work that went into rescuing these recordings and getting them to sound right is documented on a different page here.